Earthbound Properties Guaranteed Rent FAQs

We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

We become your tenant, therefore, ensuring that you get a fixed rental income each month. We then let your property on a company let agreement, and you will receive your rent each month whether there is a tenant in place or not.

It is in our best interest that we find the best tenant possible. We will deal with any repair work required at the end of the tenancy (Up to £500)

At Earthbound Properties, we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to landlords and tenants. Our experienced and friendly team work hard for every single one of our clients, and we are dedicated to offering the highest standards of service. We care for your property as if it was our own, carrying out regular checks, keeping in touch with our landlords and tenants and resolving any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. We have a thorough tenant application process, aiming to find the best tenants to take care of your property.

There are many benefits to using our guaranteed rent services, but here are our three top benefits of Earthbound Properties rent guarantee;

  • You get your rental income on the same day each month, so you know what to expect. This is especially useful when you need to pay your mortgage or other bills, and have found no problems sending payments. It gives you the security you need when managing your finances. Plus, when you’re saving up for something big, you’ll know how much you can save each month so that you can invest more in your future and that of your family.
  • Our experience and professional approach mean you can be assured that the tenants we pick will suit your property and its needs. You will not have to deal with the tenants in any way, whether they have questions or requests. Our vast knowledge means we approach tenant questions and requests with experience and information at hand, helping them to rent happily and treat your property as their home.

  • We conduct regular property inspections and handle all maintenance requests to keep your property in top condition (Subject to wear and tear). You will approve all work required on the property. Regular maintenance checks help us identify potential problems early and resolve them efficiently to keep tenants and customers happy.

  • Earthbound Properties is perfect for landlords who do not want to be hands-on when letting out their property.

At Earthbound Properties, we guarantee our landlords;

  • A guaranteed rental income on time, every month.
  • No management fees, No VAT and no mark up costs
  • You still get paid even if the property is empty, No vacancy periods.
  • No rent arrears and no eviction costs
  • You get a guaranteed start date without having to worry how long the property is vacant.
  • No monthly management fees, set-up fees, monthly commissions, or hidden extras.
  • No tenants finders fees, and hidden extras to worry about.
  • We will deal with all tenant’s queries, questions, disputes and complaints.
  • We cover all day-to-day repairs and maintenance (Up to £500)
  • Screening tenants. Screening tenants is a critical part of the process. Credit, Background checks and Reference checks